Monday, May 23, 2016

Jason Claiborne's 6.4 IPR Build

I now have 18,000 miles on my 2008 F350 6.4l Diesel equipped with everything IPR makes (namely the Remote Oil Cooler Kit & Coolant Filter). Every part installed without a hitch. To say I am hard on my truck would be a gross understatement. Unlike most with trucks this size, my truck is my daily driver, tow rig and desert pounder. Regardless of what I throw at this rig, I've yet to see an oil temp above 220° even when towing 2 Jeeps on an 8,000lb. trailer up hill to Moab. Even more surprising was it's ability to cool once I lifted off the throttle.

My only concerns were potential difficulty in oil changes and the exposed coolant filter under my truck. I am happy to report these have both proven to be non issues. Additionally, since the installation, I have pulled an inordinate amount of of crap out of my cooling system that otherwise would've made a home in the baffles of my oil cooler. This is perhaps my favorite part of the kit as it could save the motor from self-destruction. After searching the aftermarket, I'm glad to have found a company building kits to improve the reliability of the 6.4 platform. Most of us don't know the potential issues inherent to the motors until the truck is purchased and searching for solutions nets nothing but hot tunes and EGR deletes which arguably expedite the destruction of the motor if you're not careful with the former.

In closing, even my gauntlet has proved to be insufficient to kill IPR's products as they shown no signs of wear or issue even after repeated, throttle pinned passes through 40 miles of desert (Ultra 4 racecourse), multiple airborne shenanigans, and plenty of sand drag passes.

Thanks to Vince and the IPR Team!

- Jason Claiborne
Phoenix, Arizona

P.S. Vince has been AMAZING to work with and super responsive to any questions or requests I have made.

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