Sunday, April 24, 2016

Brad Eller's 6.0 Build

Brad Eller

I bought my 2006 King Ranch F250 around March of 2015 and about 2 weeks later, I purchased a ScanGauge II.. After monitoring my gauges, I quickly realized that I needed a new oil cooler with only 120K miles on the clock. So I turned to to figure out what all it would take to replace the oil cooler. After realizing how big of a job it would be, I started looking into remote oil cooler systems because I HATE doing the same thing twice and I wanted to fix it right the first time. After reading reviews on both the BPD and IPR systems, I was on the fence... BPD has a ton of reviews on the net and they are all good reviews. IPR, however did not have many reviews but the ones that I read were also good. The deciding factor that swayed my vote was the fact that I wanted an EGR delete and a coolant filter also. After reading reviews, it was pretty evident that IPR has one of, if not the best coolant filtration system on the market. IPR's gen 3 EGR delete, coolant filtration system and remote oil cooler all compliment each other and the final price for everything ended up being cheaper than other combinations that I priced out so I pulled the trigger on the purchase.

From the very beginning I dealt with Vince, who is the owner, and he promptly returned my all of my emails and answered any questions that I had which is definitely a plus in my book. I ordered a gen 3 EGR delete w/ SS up-pipe, high flow coolant filtration system, along with a remote oil cooler system with stainless braided hoses & the extreme duty HPOP screen. Vince emailed me the installation instructions and my order was shipped out within a couple of days, I received my shipment by the end of the week (North Texas). Just to give full-disclosure here, I did notice that I was missing a couple of items in the box but when I emailed Vince, he immediately replied and got the missing parts shipped out to me the same day. All of the parts looked & felt heavy-duty and the machine work appeared to be top-notch. The fit & finish was perfect when I installed everything. I got my truck put back together after a couple of weekends of work and finally got her back on the road.

EGR Delete & Coolant Manifold
Finished Product
I've had the system installed for almost a year now and I have had ZERO issues. My deltas stay around 6-7 degrees and I have piece of mind knowing that all of my coolant is 100% filtered BEFORE it gets to the oil cooler. I clean my coolant filter out every oil change and I am confident that my oil cooler is still squeaky clean to this day.

In conclusion, I do not have any experience with BPD products other than purchasing my SGII from them (which was a positive experience I might add). As a consumer I did my research, made a decision based off my needs & budget, and in the end I am a happy customer. IPR's parts are excellent quality, everything works as advertised, pricing was reasonable and the customer service was top notch. I would highly recommend Vince and the IPR products that I purchased. If i had to do it over again, I would not hesitate to go the same route.

-Brad Eller

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  1. I have recently found this site and components. From all that I have seen, You Sir are the smartest one. By that I mean the coolant filter is mounted in a way that makes sense. But seriously, are the products you have installed on your truck worth the time and money?